Water supply continues to be a problem for many Tanzanians despite the vast amount of renewable water resources in Tanzania. In fact, one out of six people lack access to safe drinking water in Tanzanie. This is in part due to population growth and climate change which has reduced water resources, as well as the lack of funding for the construction of pipes, irrigation systems and pumps in urban and rural areas. Consequently, women and children spend most of their days travelling long distances to fetch water from rivers which has to be properly filtered and boiled. The lack of water supply combined with poverty often lead people to drink dirty or contaminated water. This can cause many types of diarrheal diseases, such as cholera and typhoid.

Devoted to improve the accessibility and availability of safe and clean water for rural communities, FIDE met with the Headmaster of Haitemba secondary school, Mr. Matingu Barabojik, to discuss the possibility of digging and constructing a water well near the school.

Haitemba secondary school is a public school for boys and girls located in Duru, Manyara. The school has a total of 200 students and 16 teachers. Currently, the school uses about 300 liters per day and depends entirely on one water point that is located 1.5 km away from the school – the same one that 500 people in the village depend on. This water point is a constructed well dated from more than 10 years ago and is connected to a hand pump for people to fetch water for free. If the pump were to break, it can take up to 2 weeks to get it fixed and meanwhile, the school must rely on other villages’ water well to get water. This also makes the execution of everyday tasks relying on water, such as cooking, washing hands and gardening, more difficult for the school altogether.

Since then, a water technician paid a visit to Haitemba secondary school to determine the site for the water well construction. Once this was done, a budget for the drilling and construction of the water well was provided to FIDE, which totaled up to 15,650,000 TZS ($6.805 USD).

If you are interested in making a donation to help finance this water supply project, please visit fidetz.org/donate or contact us for more information.

FIDE Communication Officer Valerie Tremblay with Mr. Barabojik