Since 2018, the village of Yarotonik in Duru has been benefiting from water system powered by solar energy. The water system in question was in construction from 2017 to March 2018 and started functioning by July 2018. It includes solar panels, a water pump, a reservoir tank and 6 water stations throughout Yarotonik. The solar panels power the water pump which pumps water from the water well to the reservoir tank. This reservoir tank then distributes the water to all 6 of the water stations. Over 200 people in Yarotonik benefit from this water system and 1 water station can serve up to 30 people. To watch over the water system, a water committee, composed of 10 people, was appointed by the village members. They are responsible for ensuring that there’s running water at every water station and that the water pump is functioning properly. If there is an issue with one of the components of the water system, they conduct meetings with villages members to ask for a contribution in order to finance the repairs.

To this day, 6 pipe leakages were reported to the water committee. It’s suspected these were the result of village members messing with the pipes. Consequently, the water from the reservoir tank no longer reaches the water stations as the water is leaked on the way. 5 water stations had to be closed two weeks ago due to these leakages. The water committee and FIDE are now working together to not only repair the damaged pipes, but also to prevent leakages from happening again.