The Nada family have been our beneficiaries since 2017 and have benefited from 2 of our projects.

In 2017, we helped the family build a cow stable, gave them 1 cow and trained them on how to take care of the animal. Now, the cow produces 13 L of milk per day, from which the family uses 4 L for cooking and another 4 L to feed the calf, leaving 5 L a day to sell to their neighbors. These 5 L can earn them as much as 5,000 TSH ($2 USD) per day, which increases steadily their income.

In 2018, we constructed a biogas system in the family’s backyard to limit their use of fuel wood. Before, Selina had to collect firewood or purchase charcoal almost every day, requiring a lot of money and time to do. The cooking had to be done outside due to the smoke, which was very inconvenient during the rainy season. Now, Selina does not have to collect firewood or purchase charcoal as often, which saves them a lot of time and money. She finds the gas cooking faster and easier since it can be done indoors. The slurry helps the fertilization of their banana plants and vegetables garden, leading to better crops.

Selina Nada posing with the new cow.