The Endo family have been our beneficiaries since 2017 and have benefited from 1 of our projects.

In 2017, we installed pipes connecting the water well to the village’s sump well. Before, Domina had to hire someone to fetch water every 2-3 days as the nearest water source was more than 3 km away and she had to take care of her 2 young children. It costed the family 1,000 TSH ($0.45 USD) for 3 buckets. Now, Domina is the supervisor of the water well as appointed by the village leader. It now costs the family 100 TSH ($0.05 USD) for 5 buckets, saving them money. 

Domina Endo and her two daughters posing next to one of the water wells constructed by FIDE in Yarotonik (Duru, Manyara).