The Buu family have been our beneficiaries since August 2017 and have benefited from 7 of our projects.

In August 2017, we introduced them to a farmer group who benefits from a maize seed revolving fund, meaning they received from us 10 kg of maize seed every year. As a result, the family harvests 9-15 bags of maize per hector compared to 4-5 bags before, which has increased their income.

Later that year, we helped build a rainwater harvesting system to create an additional source of water and to preserve water during dry season. Therefore, the family was able to finish building their house and they now have access to water during dry season.

Also in 2017, we trained the family on home gardening, gave them seeds and helped them build a home garden. Now, Elisabeth no longer has to walk long distances to buy vegetables and the family eats vegetables almost every day and sells what is left, increasing their income.

In the beginning of 2018, we gave one cow to the family and helped improve the cow’s stable. As a result, the family sells more milk, increasing their income, and can collect the cow’s poop easily for the bio-gas system.

Months later, we constructed a bio-gas system to make the family’s lifestyle easier and more sustainable. Consequently, Elisabeth rarely has to collect wood and is less exposed to hyena attack and sexual assault in the forest. She’s proud to be the only woman in Yarotonik who can cook whenever she pleases.

Elisabeth Bura, Agustino Buu and three of their five children in front of their home in Yarotonik (Duru, Manyara).

Also in 2018, we provided material to build a chicken fence for the family’s 33 chickens. As a result, the fence keeps the chickens from eating the plants and laying their eegs everywhere. It also helps providing the chickens with proper food and water.

Finally, in 2019, we provided the family with 2 avocado and 2 mango trees that will be ready to harvest by 2021. In the future, Elisabeth won’t have to buy fruits from the market as often and the family’s fruit intake will increase, as well as their income as they will be able to sell what is left.