Gender inclusion still has a long way to go in Tanzania. According to a focus group led by FIDE in 2018, women are still experiencing severe barriers when it comes to asset ownership, decision-making and inheritance rights. In fact, women typically can’t afford to buy seeds as the family income is often controlled by the men, and when they can, there is usually no market for it. In most cases, women are simply not allowed to work or leave the house as it is forbidden by their husbands. Consequently, they are often reduced to housewives and required to take care of the house and the children. Moreover, men own everything and so the only thing a woman can own is a chicken. Even widows don’t have inheritance rights as all the belongings are considered to belong to the husband’s family. On top of that, women are more than often victims of gender-based violence, which is so widespread that it has unfortunately become the norm for many women.

FISONG Project - Kakoi, Vilima Vittatu and Olasiti, Manyara (2017)

Goal: Empower women by enhancing their entrepreneurship skills

  • Conducted a workshop on marketing for handicraft women groups to have an overview of the market in Babati, to identify buyers and products and to advertise products;
  • Conducted a workshop for handicraft women groups to review challenges, successes and ways forward;
  • Conducted a follow-up on handicraft for handicraft women groups;
  • Connected women to a credit facility, the Village Community Bank (VICOBA).