Early in 1990 five founding members, driven by the desire to help fellow disadvantaged citizens out of poverty, formed FIDE, an NGO’s  known as Friends In Development Trust Fund. Since its humble beginning about 30 years ago, FIDE has worked with poor people in rural areas to collaboratively implement programs aimed at breaking the vicious circle of poverty in which they were trapped. With a helping hand from local governments, donors and other stakeholders, FIDE has initiated projects in crop enhancements, livestock, food security, water supplies, gender, education, health, and environmental conservation.

Such efforts have directly benefited both individual farmers and many farmer groups. More than 5,000 women are now managing their families through income generating projects facilitated by FIDE. Cereal production (e.g. maize) has doubled and reforestation and terracing are now common as a means to conserve the environment. Biogas is now a more regular source of fuel for cooking. It is estimated that in project areas poverty has been reduced by more than 50% as reflected in better housing and clothing, more meals per day, primary education attendance, and access to clean water. FIDE uses these successes to work with a steadily expanding number of communities.

As an organization reliant on donors for sustainability, funding remains a challenge. FIDE has significant local and international partnerships, which have enabled it to work effectively in achieving its mission. If you are aware of potential partners, or are able to contribute to our work, please let us know by contacting us, and using the Donate page.

Thank you,

Yohana R. Tessua, Chairman

FIDE founding members. From left to right: Athumani Mwanyika, Clemensia Pius, Yohanna R. Tessua, Senkondo G. Mgalla and Iddi I. Mshana.